The CONDUIT // 006 – Sishi Rösch

Label boss for Digital Delight via Berlin/Barcelona lays down an exclusive mix of sleazy groove driven house cuts for The Conduit 006.


// Sishi Rösche //

Sishi Rosch is an emerging new artist who’s spent time in Guatemala, the US, and currently resides in Berlin. He’s prolific as a producer, making house, tech-house, as well as mid and down tempo cuts that stand out on the regular. He also runs the Digital Delight label as well as booking a night and hosting a podcast series all of the same name. The guy is seriously committed to his craft and works tirelessly at it, these days bouncing back & forth between home and gigs in Barcelona. We’re excited about the mix he’s put together for us and expect to hear more from him in the future.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Sishi Rosch was born in Guatemala to German and Italian parents.

While living in Miami in 1998, Sishi started to become interested in electronic music, thanks to a burgeoning interest in this field, in the United States.

A year after purchasing his first turntables Sishi was picked up by a prominent Central American  promotions company, after they witnessed his sets at a local after-hours club in down-town Miami.

Moving back to Guatemala later that year, Sishi maintained a full schedule of  local weekly residencies, and toured constantly throughout Central America.

In 2001 Sishi returned to the US; to Phoenix, AZ, following an invitation from a good friend, who had several residencies, and opportunities calling.  Today Sishi resides in Berlin, Germany, has recently launched his own label (Digital Delight Berlin – Barcelona) as well as producing for major labels and hosting top-class parties.

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