The CONDUIT // 007 – Signal Deluxe


// Signal Deluxe //

If you would have told me at the beginning of this year that two of my best friends in this biz would be the husband and wife techno/dubstep duo Signal Deluxe I’d have laughed and shook my head in disbelief. Based in Mexico City, I’ve never worked with such sincere and devoted artists in my life. I am consistently impressed with their own releases, the releases they put out on their label Blaq (which they run in conjunction with their friend Soundspace, another prominent North American artist), not to mention the new dubstep/electronica band Guajira they are in. But it’s the couple’s vast knowledge of music and indefatigable optimism that has really cemented our bond and their mix for The CONDUIT is an excellent showcase of Signal Deluxe’s funkier side. Hopefully we can have them back in the Spring after their debut album drops on Ombligo to show off some of their amazing dubstep cuts as well.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

digital soul rebels….cosmic freelancers of the new millenium….futuristic groove alchemists. long dj sets are best for this two beat junkies and open minded crowds are esential for establishing a good line of funk comunication between this groove riders and their interstellar starship tripulation. groovy basslines, futuristic soundscapes and freestyle beats. with jamaica in their hearts, los angeles in their fingers, berlin in their souls and mexico in their blood SIGNAL DELUXE takes the dancefloor on a new experience everytime they take control of the soundsystem. their unique and freaked out style has taken them to places like costa rica, chile, colombia, mexico, usa, canada, germany, france, austria, poland, switzerland, holland, sweden and spain. rocking big crowds around the world in open air festivals as well as the more intimate after hours club format they always deliver their sweet sound on point. bring on the night….

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// Current Releases //

Signal Deluxe – Digital Amarilla EP [Fade Records]
Signal Deluxe – Pleasure Capsule [Thoughtless Music]
Dich – Gasteropodos (Signal Deluxe Remix) [Darek]

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  1. ufffffff… blaq muzikkkkk…jah jah 😀

    … signal_deluxe a.k.a rainbow warriors of luv & light ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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