The CONDUIT // 008 – Craft


// Craft //

Craft was introduced to me via Derek Marin and has to be one of the true gentleman of techno. He’s always polite, energetic, and enthusiastic. He’s been making his own tracks for the past decade, hosting the ultra popular Twice as Proper events in New York City, and currently holding things down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico bringing his events south of the border. This mix is one of a warehouse full of live recordings documenting DJ Craft, explaining why the guy is so damn hard to get in touch with, he’s ALWAYS DJ’ing a gig somewhere. As such, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better jock in terms of technical skills and this mix is no exception.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

CRAFT (Daniele Ciocio) – Born in NYC, bought his technics 1200’s & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own savings. Taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. Began producing music in 1999 and, to this day, music production is done under the name “Craft Music Productions”. He dj’s 5 to 10 times per month on average in the NYC underground minimal scene with the Twice as Proper Sessions crew. He evolved from the old Vinyl-only days to the CDJ’s of all types, and now performs live with his all-in-one DJ workstation M-Audio Torq Xponent. Craft has already traveled with the controller to Europe for his Italy Dj tour in various cities and also recently came back from an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour with Onda Skillet, covered by much media attention (major radio, TV and internet). Furthermore, Craft co-created the movement “Twice as Sweet” with Shadi which then became “Twice as Proper Sessions” with an impressive near 200 events and counting in the past 4 years alone with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings. Also, Craft created and designed the “Party People” T-Shirt which has a history of its own…

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  1. Massive!!!!


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