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// Razz //

Razz is one of those guys you want to have in your corner in this biz. The guy continually apologizes for his bad English but somehow does better than most of my native tongued friends, that’s because he’s part mischief maker and humble artist. In an age of overinflated egos both of those qualities go a long way.

As co-owner of Pantamuzik he’s unleashed some devastatingly great cuts like Altiplano that seem simple but are effective with a mix of traditional rootsy rhythms and futuristic synthesis that is unique. I suppose some of that unique sound comes from his days a skateboarding drummer on the streets of Buenos Aires. Today he calls Mexico City home, a place for him to live and make money as a professional musician without having to sacrifice his dignity in the process. You can hear his powerful skin work on the debut album from Guajira “Aguadiente” on Ombligo to get a better understanding of how good this guy is but here he dissects the past 10 years of Pantamuzik with a cookin’ mix that really moves. Quite a way to start the new year!   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

1. Dich – Rubios & Gobidos (Razz Remix) – Darek Recordings
2. Razz – Chorro (Original Mix)
3. Razz – Altiplano (Argenis Brito Remix) – Pantamuzik
4. Shonky – Marabautage (Original Mix) – Freak N Chik
5. Israel Vich – Fotografias Viejas ( Remix) – Pantamuzik
6. Miki Gonzalez & Monopolar – Otra Marinera (Original Mix) – Pantamuzik
7. Razz – Viaje (Original Mix) – Pantamuzik
8. Razz – Hondo (Original Mix) – Blaq Records
9. Jay Haze & Guajira – Guajira (Special Edit) – Pantamuzik
10. Miguel Toro – Kurduca (Piek Remix) – Pantamuzik

// Bio //

A few years ago a dj collective crashed into the Buenos Aires scene with a fresh idea: InDaMix was an intense and creative approach to dancefloor-driven turntablism by Neb, Facundo Piñeiro, Wan Lee y Panther, playing on 8 hands. They taught Razz how to mix, and soon thereafter he was a part of those mytical parties, djing back to back with his mentors. But his love for electronic music comes back from 1990 as an early fan of Z95 radio station and rave parties at Parque Sarmiento. Trained as a drummer, he decided to switch to turntables to express his particular ideas about groove. His career led him to play in an overwhelming number of parties and venues in Argentina, along with practically every fellow artist in that competitive scene. His residencies at Superclub (Buenos Aires News), BPM, Opera Bay and the Garage party speak loud about his talent. He moves to Mexico to become a part of Pantamuzik artist roaster as a DJ, with the task of researching, finding and spinning quality music made in Latin America that hasn’t been discovered yet.

// Links //!/Razzmusic

// Current Releases //

Guajira, Jay Haze – Guajira – Pantamuzik
Razz – Hondo – Blaq Records
Razz – Altiplano – Pantamuzik

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