The CONDUIT // 011 – Monopolar


// Monopolar //

Humberto Polar is my oldest client in terms age yet has the enthusiasm and passion of someone half his age, it’s truly inspiring to see some one embued with such vision and professionalism. In addition to laying his ass on the line for the past ten years with one of Latin America’s few successful techno labels – Pantamuzik – he’s recently started the Ombligo imprint – a label focusing on a wide range of alternative Latin musics ala Ghostly International. Here he cuts apart his standard Monopolar live set, one that has made him world renowned, and provides a special re-construction crafted specifically for the CONDUIT podcast series. We couldn’t be more thrilled.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Carlos “Mono” Ramírez and Humberto Polar started Monopolar back on 2000, when they joined forces as Bogota’s La Sala Club resident djs. Before that, Mono had a succesful career as techno/industrial dj for 10 years. Polar had been an active jazz guitarist from mid 80s and had put his musical skills into experimental electronic production along the 90s. From making weekly joint dj sets, they moved swiftly to produce their own tracks and then to the live act. Their dj experience led them to an instant dancefloor ethos, but on top of that they decided to add a conceptual approach to their music: their latin american origin. Away from the cliches and the obvious sampling, their tracks are deeply rooted on the syncopated backbeat that defines the afrolatino sound through a contemporary techno and house vocabulary. Today the couple works online. Mono was a resident dj at La Sala until the club closed in early 2010. His sets have achieved an almost-mythical status among the bogotanian clubbers. Polar moved to Mexico City in 2003, and from 2006 spends part of the year in Berlin producing the music they both compose. They get together to perform live and tour. Now Polar leads the Monopolar live act. From 2008 they’ve played constantly in different venues of Berlin such as Suicide Circus, Club Der Visionaere, Madcheninternat. They’ve toured  Dessau, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Lima, México. They also made showcases at Proton Radio (Los Angeles) and Lexy & K-Paul Komisch Elektronisch. They´ve shared the stage with the likes of Noze, Samim, Richie Hawtin, Dinky, Josh Wink , Ambivalent, John Selway, Dan Curtin, Miss Kittin, David Carreta, Diego Ro-k, Alexi Delano y they were selected for the Mutek Mexico 5th Anniversary edition. They´ve released on Pantamuzik (their own label), SoundSelective Records (New York/Milano) and Evolved Records (London). Recently, they won the We Love Remix Contest with a remix for Tiefschwarz’s “Yeah”.  On 2010, After a busy year producing other musicians and working with his dubstep band, Guajira, Humberto Polar returns to the dancefloor with Camila EP, released on Pantamuzik.

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// Current Releases //

Monopolar – Me Preocupan Otras Cosas – Pantamuzik
Dompe  – Shadows – Shitfuck Records
Monopolar – Despacio – Blaq

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