The CONDUIT // 015 – De’f Child Productions


// De’f Child Productions  //

San Francisco based de’fchild production puts out great releases on vinyl that erase the line between dub, techno, and deep house. There’s a whole lotta soul in their mix and that has much to do with label founder and noted producer Ruoho Ruotsi. This guy has been blurring the lines between genres and media for quite some time now and he approached me about the Dekalog project and how to tie it in to the CONDUIT series. The Dekalog DVD is a DJ mix by Snobo with handmade visuals by SUE-C that focus on the label’s first ten releases. The collection is exciting with a nice cutting edge feel that brings a new dimension to the CONDUIT that we had never even considered when we first started the series.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Special Music Video  //

// About //

de’fchild productions is an independent label and music production imprint currently located in San Francisco.

Origin: Conceived in Montréal in June 2004, our first releases appeared on vinyl in springtime 2005. We subsequently relocated from La Belle Province and have settled in San Francisco.

Label Philosophy: Our musical interests span time and geography, which frees us from the restraints of any one sound aesthetic, style or musical boundary, while our technical work in the studio (see below) has us constantly thinking about ways to cultivate genuinely new means of musical expression. This predilection to studio-borne-inspiration is particularly present in our affection for idioms rooted in dub, experimental electro-acoustics and techno. Quintessentially, we’re interested in the pursuit of novel sonic art, while exploring the frontiers of more popular musical forms.

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// Current Releases //

Dekalog 1 DVD
Gys – Tyrants
dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie – Wicked Man


The CONDUIT // 014 – Javaight


// Javaight  //

David Javate is the only artist in our series to date that has no productions out, rather than a liability it’s a testament to the guy’s amazing skills as a DJ. Starting back in 1992, the guy has played records in Washington, DC and now San Francisco for nearly twenty years – as both a professional and as an enthusiast. Javaight still cares about the art form and focuses his music and events around the music, as cliche as it might sound. There is a real sense of purpose and energy in his CONDUIT mix and it sends a respectful vibe out to all the lifers, the ones who still find the passion and dedication long after the impetuous follies of age and ego have faded and continue to develop as an artist. Keep an eye out for this guy in 2011.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting  //

Jalebee Cartel, Pawas- Baffled- Ostwind Records
Kapuchon, Benny Rodrigues- And Again- Push Communications
Nudisco- Violet (Daneile Papini Remix)- Sensual Sounds
Mihai Popoviciu- Second Scale- Highgrade Records
Christian Morgenstern- Moment of Truth Pt 2- Sub Static
Christian Burkhardt- Chanel- Cocoon Recordings
Bryan Zentz- Double R (Todd Bodine Remix)- Amam
Hermanez, Massimo Girardi- 11.11- Monique Musique
Reference- Best Day in Detroit- Planet E Communications
Alex Cellar-Montagu Bay- Area Remote
Alex Dolby- Xstatic- Rawthentic Music
Marino Berardi- Expression in E-Dub- Forced Recordings
Frederic Hecker- Le Grand Bleu- Off
The Gathering- In My system (I:Cube remix)- Silver Network
Ryan Davis- Loophole- Traum

// Bio //

David Javate aka dj Javaight (pronounced Juh-VAYT) aka JV8 is a San Francisco based dj, producer and event promoter. As a veteran DJ from Washington DC and lifelong dance music aficionado, David’s love has always been towards the deeper side of house and techno. As is evident in his contributions to SF nightlife with the deep house night,Staple, and the techno oriented events Killswitch and Optimal, David continues to showcase deeper styles with a DJ style which acknowledges house and techno’s pioneers while also welcoming today’s innovators. Showing the diversity of being able to play during different moods of the night, David always strives to take the listener on a journey, and make an audio collage which moves the mind and body.

As a founding member of Washington DC’s Dirty Crew in the mid-90s, David quickly became a regular on the East Coast rave circuit. On top of coordinating his own series of Dirty and Filtered parties, he also played for promoters such as Buzzlife, Ultraworld, Sonic Soul, 2 Tuff, Catastrophic and The Circle, in addition to playing for Spundae in California, Pleasure Force in Canada and other promoters in Florida and Colorado.

Feeling creatively limited in Washington DC, David moved to San Francisco in 1998. In San Francisco, he started the Optimal Group to explore the gray area between house and techno. He coordinated a successful string of parties called optimal, featuring Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Ken Ishii, Mike Dearborn, John Tejada, DJ Pierre, Kenny Larkin, Gemini, and EBE.

After optimal David reunited with Dirty Crew DJ Fil Latorre to coordinate a number of events under the Staple moniker. The duo have thrown a number of events at the Endup, 222 Hyde, Rx Gallery, Anu, the Transfer and Wish. Focusing on what the pair call “Future house and Deep Techno”, Staple has featured djs such as Mark Henning, Kenny Larkin, Mike Huckaby, Kate Simko, John Tejada, Pepe Bradock, Jeno, Glenn Underground, Lance De Sardi, Theo Parrish, Mark E. Quark, Markie, and Alton Miller.

Recently, David teamed up with Black Market Techno DJ dCOY, to produce the weekly event Killswitch. Killswitch focuses on Bay Area house and techno talent and has featured talented artists such as Alland Byallo, Dave Aju, Drumcell, Clint Stewart, Keith Kemp, Safety Scissors, Solar, Joshua Iz, Limacon, Kit Clayton and Sutekh.

Currently, David continues to DJ regularly, and holds residencies at Darkroom, a monthly Staple event, Killswitch, Redlight and Afternoon Delight, and is also a frequent guest at a number of SF nightclubs and underground events. When not Djing, David is in the studio working on solo projects and collaborating with a number of San Francisco producers.

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The CONDUIT // 013 – Steve Mosley


// Steve Mosley  //

San Francisco continues to be my favorite place to head for when I want to hear quality dance music, it certainly helps that’s its relatively close or I’d miss out on random mixes being handed to me at parties by friends of friends. That was the case with Santa Cruz cum San Francisco artist Steve Mosley  slid me a fantastic mix last spring at an As You Like It party featuring Noah Pred and Limaçon. We’ve stayed in contact since then and his name instantly sprang to mind when we began considering artists for this series. It’s with great pleasure that I bring you the twelveth addition of this series, bringing everything full circle –  from chance meeting to podcast.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

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