The CONDUIT // 015 – De’f Child Productions


// De’f Child Productions  //

San Francisco based de’fchild production puts out great releases on vinyl that erase the line between dub, techno, and deep house. There’s a whole lotta soul in their mix and that has much to do with label founder and noted producer Ruoho Ruotsi. This guy has been blurring the lines between genres and media for quite some time now and he approached me about the Dekalog project and how to tie it in to the CONDUIT series. The Dekalog DVD is a DJ mix by Snobo with handmade visuals by SUE-C that focus on the label’s first ten releases. The collection is exciting with a nice cutting edge feel that brings a new dimension to the CONDUIT that we had never even considered when we first started the series.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Special Music Video  //

// About //

de’fchild productions is an independent label and music production imprint currently located in San Francisco.

Origin: Conceived in Montréal in June 2004, our first releases appeared on vinyl in springtime 2005. We subsequently relocated from La Belle Province and have settled in San Francisco.

Label Philosophy: Our musical interests span time and geography, which frees us from the restraints of any one sound aesthetic, style or musical boundary, while our technical work in the studio (see below) has us constantly thinking about ways to cultivate genuinely new means of musical expression. This predilection to studio-borne-inspiration is particularly present in our affection for idioms rooted in dub, experimental electro-acoustics and techno. Quintessentially, we’re interested in the pursuit of novel sonic art, while exploring the frontiers of more popular musical forms.

// Links //
Dekalog DVD Preview- /

// Current Releases //

Dekalog 1 DVD
Gys – Tyrants
dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie – Wicked Man

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