The CONDUIT // 020 – John Tejada


// John Tejada //

It’s quite exciting to have the legendary Los Angeles producer/DJ John Tejada drop a mix for our series. It’s one he made exclusively for us that focuses entirely on his Palette imprint. Any Californian worth his weight in salt and of a discerning ear will tell you how much of an influence this guy’s music has had on their own. One of my favorite things about this series has been that guys even older than me are still going strong with their passion and devotion to the craft, and Tejada is a founding influence out West who has been going strong since the days of KDAY on the AM down in the Basin. My own connection to him stretches the divide between my days as a hawker of digital music with those of my vinyl selling days, but it stretches even further back to my days of living in Hollywood. Back in those days there was lots of obnoxious trance as well as hardcore, which I fully enjoyed, but Tejada was always that one guy who showed the promise of unmitigated techno and even the joys of well done drum & bass. I didn’t know him then (and barely know him now), but thought he still might be around later down the road. One reason is that he’s never wavered, nor has his label, in constancy of purpose. You can also hear that quality on Tejada’s  recent remix of Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause’s “Wolkenreise” and also on his recently announced album for Kompakt due out this summer.  In the meantime, this guy ain’t goin’ nowhere and should continue be an influence for years to come. Without further ado, we give you John Tejada.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

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// Current Releases //

Joe Babylon – I Speak Jive (John Tejada Remix) – Roundabout Sounds
John Tejada – Timeless Wavelength – Whatpeopleplay
Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause – Wolkenreise – Hidden


The CONDUIT // 019 – Sam Allman


// Sam Allman //

For the next installments of The CONDUIT, we head down the I-5 South, over the Grapevine into the Los Angeles Basin, a second home to me and still a spot for great music of all stripes. has to be the electronic music  publication I read the most, and not because it’s the most wide spanning in coverage, but because it speaks in a familiar voice. These guys are Californians, like me, seeing the world of techno through a keen West Coast eye. I met Sam Allman, the mag’s content editor, during the promotion of Jay Haze’s album and found him to be a sensible guy with a keen sense of how music and criticism work. Then I started listening to his mixes on Soundcloud and realized he also has a good ear for tracks and how to program them. It was only natural to approach him for a mix for The CONDUIT and now we proudly present it you.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Hironori Takahashi – Outgass (nAX_Acid Edit)
Resoe – Minus & Plus (Sigha Remix)
Jobody – Same Same (Truss Remix)
Museum – Buried at Sea
Tr nch & IORI – Barreleye
Shackleton – Deadman
Om Unit – Prawn Cocktail
Blawan – Lavender
Lucy – Lav (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)
G-Man – Sparticus
Traversable Wormhole – Relativistic Time Dilation (Kevin Gorman Remix)
George FitzGerald – Don’t You (SCB Edit)
Forward Strategy Group – Inside the Shadows (Dadub Metropolis Remix)
Lucy – Bein (James Ruskin Remix)

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