The CONDUIT // 022 – JAK


// JAK //

SubSensory Recordings owner Jack Coleman aka JAK has to be one of the most colorful characters on the West Coast scene. The Portland, OR based DJ/producer straddles the line perfectly between laddish enthusiasm and studious adulthood, which gives his label’s sound a distinct measure of controlled chaos. His own productions are reminiscent of the big outdoor festival boom that was once owned by big, growling techno and has been since co-opted by weaker, more esoteric forces. Despite changing tastes out West and being stationed in the indie rock Mecca of Portland, the label remains firmly committed to all forms of techno and is a real emerging champion of the US scene.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

1. Timo Mass – KickKick3
2. Alex Dolby – Urban Gate
3. Rino Cerrone – Simple Slide
4. Mathias Kaden – Around the Bay
5. Mark Henning – Collider
6. Felix Bernhardt – Flow Pow Pow
7. Michel De Hey, Mirko – 5th Business Day – Nic Fanculli Remix
8. Martin Buttrich – Song 6
9. Pig & Dan – Mind Cells
10. Mario Maroto – Salem Cat – Mario Miranda Remix
11. Neiderflur – Mimesis – Jonas Kopp Filtered Mind Mix
12. Sean Random – Get the Drive
13. Mihalis Safras – Jaws
14. JAK – A Thought Apart – Mario Miranda Techy Remix
15. Xircus – Rolph Harris – Ronan Portela Remix
16. Joel Mull – Danny Boy (edit)
17. SIC – Substance Abuse
18. Adam Jay – This Life’s Purpose – Raiz Remix
19. Frank Chiarello – Stabby McGee – Alland Byallo Remix
20. Bryan Zentz – Double R

// Bio //

Jack Coleman aka JAK has been spinning techno and house music in the NW United States for 14 years. His precise mixing, moving DJ sets and singular dedication to the techno sound — along with his work as a producer — have earned him a reputation as one of the most respected underground artists in the region. Over the past decade, JAK has headlined events up and down the West Coast, as well as throughout Chile. He’s also the founder of the Portland-Oregon based label and DJ collective, SubSensory Recordings. JAK’s breakthrough release came in 2010 with the Automatonic EP on SubSensory. Remixed by the dark techno talent Audio Injection (Droid, CLR, Impact Mechanics), the release was commended and supported by the likes of Chris Liebing, Sven Wittekind, Octave and Dr. Hoffman. In addition to his own releases on SubSensory, JAK’s original tracks and remixes have been featured on HardPlace Records, *Cutz, Backs/ash Records, Loopsfreaks Black and Aguenring Records. His latest release on SubSensory, “A Thought Apart” with Mario Miranda and Audioelectronic remixes quickly broke the top 50 on Beatport’s minimal charts. Look out for more from JAK and SubSensory in the very near future!

// Links //!/djjak

// Current Releases //

Nick Borsato & Flawer – Jarhead (JAK Remix) – SubSensory
JAK – A Thought Apart – SubSensory
Mario Maroto – Salem Cat (JAK Remix) – SubSensory


The CONDUIT // 021 – Ben Goodwin


// Ben Goodwin //

We’ve never met Ben, but as the founder of he’s certainly grabbed our attention. Add to that the guy runs a specialty food co-op and you’ve also pretty much described the 530Techno gang – techno hippies. That’s Northern California life and probably the main reason we all live here, to be close to the land, but unlike many of the other earthen folks ’round here who have long since given in to all things drum and/or step, Goodwin and his publication have remained staunchly committed to dance music – including excellent recent focuses on the key players  of the L.A. based techno collective Droid Behavior back in February that really put a nice spin on the West Coast scene.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

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