The CONDUIT // 023 – Briski


// Briski //

Briski does the Re:Body parties in San Francisco along with Nolan Haener and is really bringing the mid-tempo, disco influenced sound back to the SF underground – right where it belongs. These guys even had Art Department out our way long before the album blew up and the duo became ART DEPARTMENT and that’s what put Briski on our radar. This guy represents the kind of laidback, low key, in-the-know kinda musical vibe that we’ve come to love and respect in our fellow Northern Californians and here he offers us a sweet, funky mix to kick the summer off in fine style.    – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

00-Sf Muni Sound Byte
01-01-In Flagranti-Worse for Wear-Codek
03-Azari & III-Hungry for the Power(Art Department Remix)-Turbo
04-T Bone-Black Heart(Duckbeats Remix)-Extended Play
06-Richy Ahmed-Suck It-Hot Waves
07-Kris Wadswirth-Mainline(Jimmy Edgar Remix)-Hypercolour
08-Valerie Pacella & Mild Bang-Toi Et Moi-Loco
09-Lnk-Secret Point-Poker Dust
10-Guti & Ryan Crosson-No Problems-Desolat
11-Hot Natured-Nino Brown-Hot Waves
12-KiloWatts-The Ringing Spheres-Thoughtless
13-WhoMadeWho-Every Minute ALone(Michael Meyer Remix)-Life and Death
14-John Tejada-Tropical-Kompakt
15-Cosmic JD-Hollographic Lust-Anusual

// Bio //

Briski is that short tan kid you’ve seen around your town cutting a rug, djing parties, and promoting undergrounds. Whether it be in Leeds/London England , Dallas Texas, Miami Florida, or San Francisco, he strives to inspire and be inspired by the surrounding underground music scene. He has since reconnected to his original roots in San Francisco, where he now resides and involves himself in the same activities, now at new levels. With his nu classic taste in House/Techno/Disco, he has been a resident within Rythmatik; an ongoing House party thrown in SF, Miami and Seattle, and has moved on to his new creation Re:body, a SF based underground extravaganza. He also threw an eclectic b-side warehouse party called VHS(with guest Paul T) but nowadays has mainly been involved in the new project, Re:body(with last guests being Linkwood & Art Department). The energy and fresh vibe he brings to the turntables has brought him in front of crowds at numerous parties in Dallas( playing with the Cosmic Cocks, Maetrik, Egyptian Lover and Doc Martin), the Bay Area(playing with the Djs like Jeno, Sammy D, Conor, Solar) and at more undergrounds soon to be coming. He would agree that “hype is whatever”, so just let the vibe speak for itself.

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