The CONDUIT // 028 – Slowdazzzle


// Slowdazzzle //

Slowdazzzle is another interesting character ala Mick Chillage, whom he happens to be close friends with. He’s a Berklee College of Music guy (saxophone) who discovered electronic music after an industrial accident damaged one of his hands. We like him because he’s invested a deep amount of time in to deep ambient style chill-out music and makes music for various labels around the world. He also lives in a small town and keeps himself musically connected with a variety of influences from John Coltrane to Tom Verlaine – something we can very much identify with. He’s pretty funny, too. So sit back for another episode of high-quality ambient music.    – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Peter DiPhillips has played and studied music throughout his life,playing at various times piano, trombone,saxophone, percussion, keyboards, and synthesizers. After an industrial accident damaged one hand, he started using PC’s, in conjunction with Looping, editing, virtual synths, and virtual instruments software, to create music. He lives on a lake. He hopes people will find his music healing and restful.

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