The CONDUIT // 029 – Dj Ignacio


// Dj Ignacio //

A Spaniard living in Bristol, Ignacio is a gifted journalist plying his words for Mixside, one of Spain’s most important electronic music magazines. We’ve had many great conversations back and forth about music and art, finding much common ground. But it is the DJ mixes he comes out with – melodic, rich, and loaded with unreleased gems that really caught out attention. His selections reflect that of Bristol’s thriving music scene with an intelligent refinement that has us constantly pushing the pause button to scan his track selection in a feeble bout of trainspotting – usually to find out it’s some exclusive secret weapon. Ignacio’s level of consistancy and knowledge led us to finally invite him to make a mix for The CONDUIT podcast series. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

I was born in Lugo, a little city of Galicia, Northwest of Spain, in 1984. In love with music since I was very young, I learned to play guitar by myself when I was a teenager. Music has always been my great passion and my early influences go from Depeche Mode to Guns’N’Roses, from Pink Floyd to Mike Oldfield. When I was 16 I was introduced to electronic music by some of my friends and, since then, I had had a deep and long relationship with it. I started DJing in 2005 at some well-known clubs in Spain as Superclub, Global Club, Reno, Bleep, festival such as Entroido Quente, some raves and private parties. I also developed my passion for writing in, one of the most important Spanish websites about electronic music. In August 2008, one of my sets was selected as a podcast for the label Turbo Recordings, which encouraged me to go on mixing. In September 2009, I moved to Bristol (UK) to continue growing as a dj, journalist and also give my first steps in the field of music production and promotion… Since my arrival in the UK I have collaborated with radio-shows as Tech Republic (Hub Radio) and DJing at Headrush Nights as a periodic resident. I have had the pleasure to share booth with great DJs and producers such as Max Cooper, Perc, Tom DeMac, Sebastien Leger or Samuel L. Session. My electronic music influences ranged from early disco music, Chicago House, Acid House, Detroit Techno to the latest Europen electronic music trends.

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