The CONDUIT // 031 – DJ Dennis


// Dj Dennis //

We remember the day when Dennis used to be based out our way in Sacramento and ran a cool indie dance zine called Selekta. These days he lives in Philly and runs a great house music label called Selekta Recordings. The imprint is consistent with a mix of organic sounds that reminds us a ton of the old Guidance – with a nice selection of various house and downtempo styles. Dennis is also an active remixer and producer and keeps himself busy between that and his DJ’ing gigs. We asked Dennis to contribute a mix because he is also a big supporter of the North American dance music scene and wanted him to share his tastes with peeps in his old stomping grounds.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Dj Dennis has been involved in the electronic music industry for almost 20 years. Since 1992, he’s played an active role in the forward progression of House Music. In his past, he’s shown dedication in each role; being a promoter, event co-ordinator and consultant, music journalist, dance web-magazine editor, hype sheet writer, music reviewer, Dj, producer, and currently, label owner.

Originally from Northern California, Dj Dennis absorbed the west coast vibe of House at its peak in the late 90’s, and in the early part of 2002, brought that vibe to Philadelphia. He was pleasently invited to play at some of Philadelphia’s intimate and growing House and Downtempo nights.

Later in 2006, his internship with Philly’s Worship Recordings, and all the blissful knowledge shared with him from label’s crew, led him to start his own label, Selekta Recordings.

Since 2007, Dj Dennis has helped put out over 50 releases via Selekta, showcasing welcoming sounds of up and coming local and international producers. Whether its House, Techno, Breaks, Downtempo, Funk or Soul, Selekta will introduce to you a new and fresh sound to enjoy.

// Links //

// Current Releases //

Darrel Asbury – Hypnotic Session (Dj Dennis Selekta Session) – Selekta
Dj Dennis – Different Shades of DJ Dennis – Selekta

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