The CONDUIT // 032 – Molecule


// Molecule //

It’s been a pleasure connecting with PointBender and the Harmonious Discord crew out of Texas this year, thanks to our friend David Collado at Musical Missionary. Not only is HD a solid mix of leftfield sounds that we really dig but we find ourselves sharing many ideas in common as well. When PointBender approached us about doing a mix with Molecule we were intrigued, we loved his track from earlier this year “Return The Lion”. Turns out Molecule is also a member of the band Ishi, a very significant name here in the 530 area code. We spent some time chatting about that over email and then got a stellar mix of sounds from him that simply defies logic. There is something in the water down there in the Rio Grande because this mix isn’t like any of the others in The CONDUIT series.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Field Recording – Lake Vilbig, Summer 2011 – Molecule
Down By The River – Pulshar
BURT The Journey – 6th Borough Project
The Troof – Original – Hector     What The Hec?
1988 – Original – Youandewan / Jah Nuh Dead- Sinéad O’Connor
Instinct – Original Mix –  Pier Bucci
Teer – Edit  – Daso, Jin Choi
Day Dreaming – Molecule (Original) unreleased
It’s A Crime – Caribou Mix – Virgo Four
Doin’ Ya Thang – Dub – Oliver $ Doin’ Ya Thang EP / Max Roach Interview Charlie “Bird” Parker Bird In Time 1940-1947 (Live Collection)
Change feat. Lazarusman – Original Mix – Stimming
My Whole Thing – Original Mix  – Guti, Anthea Marie Nzekwu
The High Life – Original Mix – Maya Jane Coles
San Juan – Molecule (Original) unreleased / field recordings San Juan PR Summer 2011

// Bio //

“It’s all techno to me” is a phrase that can often be heard when Harmonious Discord recording artist Brad Dale is asked about the current state of electronic music. Born in Memphis, educated in jazz and ethnomusicology at the University of North Texas, Brad spent his “woodshedding” years playing in everything from Dub bands, hiphop groups, funk orchestras to more experimental outfits; always searching for new ways of sonic expression. Currently, Brad is a professional sound designer/composer at his resident studio in Dallas, Texas ( and keeps busy on projects in major films, commercials, video games, handheld electronic toys and pretty much anything that makes noise.  Along with his electronic releases under Molecule, Brad currently produces the indie acclaimed folk-electronic band Ishi.  As if this wasn’t enough to keep this full time sonic mangler busy he also has a highly anticipated project called “Echo Conscious” being released later this year that showcases his dub techno roots. With all these avenues of expression one thing will most certainly remain consistent and that is a drive to push the boundaries and blur the lines.

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// Current Releases //

Molecule – Recordar A Los Muertos – Harmonious Discord
Pepe Magoo – What I Like to Do (Molecules Floordub Remix) – Akashic