The CONDUIT // 036 – Daega Sound System


// Daega Sound System //

Vancouver duo Daega Sound System caught our attention with an amazing remix of a release by TKR on Blipswitch Digital, hitting all the right buttons musically. At The CONDUIT we’re definitely champions of dubstep, but as in all genres, we’re only interested in tracks that manage to do something and much of the dubstep we are subjected to on a local level fails to even manage reaching the table for discussion it’s that bad. It was important for us and our listeners to champion the genre by bringing an act with some guts and talent and were excited when these guys readily accepted. Without further ado, we bring you Daega Sound System.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Mercury Sky – Daega Sound – Mutek
Winter’s Horse – Daega Sound – Dub
Forest Floor – Daega Sound – Dub
Passage – Daega Sound – Dub
Commodore – Daega Sound – Dub
Outpost – Daega Sound – Fathom Recordings
Surface Tension [TKR] – Daega Sound RMX – Blipswitch Digital
Tundra – Daega Sound – Dub
The Way – Daega Sound – Forthcoming Fathom Recordings
Land In Motion – Daega Sound – Dub
Ocean Shadow – Daega Sound – Dub
Falsehood – Daega Sound – Dub
Moonside – Daega Sound – Dub
Kane’s Son – Daega Sound – Blipswitch Digital
Big Dog – Daega Sound – Dub
Bug in the Rug – Daega Sound – Forthcoming Echodub
Monsoon – Daega Sound – Dub
Misty Morning Dub – Daega Sound – Forthcoming Echodub

// Bio //

Born to composer and choreographer parents, it’s not surprising to hear that brothers Ben and Josh learned to read music before words. Growing up surrounded by performances, rehearsals, festivals and symphonies it’s natural that they have continued the tradition. Years of experimenting with electronic composition and djing has brought about the formation of their production and performance project Daega Sound System. In addition to Daega Sound they also head up their own newly minted label Fathom Recordings. Producing all forms of electronic, bass and dance music they perform as a Live duo and also a DJ duo. In addition to digital releases on UK Garage and 2-Step legend Noodles (Groove Chronicles) label DPR, San Francisco’s bass-centric Blipswitch and Noah Pred’s techno/bass music label Thoughtless recordings they have 12″ releases on out their own Fathom Recordings and Texas based label Formant Recordings. 2011 will see releases on Mutek and Blipswitch in additon to an ep on Scottish label Echo Dub. Known for pushing the deeper end of the dancefloor, they are described as “heavy as hell and deep as the abyss”.

// Links //

// Current Releases //

TKR – Surface Tension (Daega Sound System Remix) – Blipswitch Digital
Daega Sound System – Moorise – Blipswitch Digital
Daega Sound – You Make Me Feel – Formant Recordings

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