The CONDUIT // 038 – Part 1 – Sean-Michael Yoder


// Part 1 – Sean-Michael Yoder  //

When we first started this podcast the idea was to scout out cool music around North America and share it with our community here in far Northern California. The idea has grown considerably since then and we’ve developed a small but loyal following. At the suggestion of our number one fan, we’ve decided to make two 2-hr mixes of the music we like and share it with our community (Episodes 038/039). Thanks for all the support!

// Tracklisting //

PART2 – Insignificant Form of Life
Pointbender – So Fell The Orbit (KiloWatts remix)
T.W.I.C.E. – Against Nature
Deepchild – The Suffering Ones (Gingy & Bordello Remix)
Rebel – You Know How To Love Me
Stefan Tretau – Crush & The Matter
Rubba J – Targets (Joshua Iz Vizual Mix)
Hamza – Soumba
Roberto – The Land of the Midnight Sun (Samuel L Session Remix)
Paul Loraine – Move Closer (Joaquin Gomez Remix)
Philip Arruda – Feels Like Space
Lonis – It Takes A Village (Shamano Remix)
Lula Circus – Irresistable
Now In Stereo – Away (Polymath Remix)
Modern Lovers – Egyptian Reggae (Mojo Filter Wub like an Egyptian Edit)
Stryker Pose – Like Button (Blaqnet)
Mike Maass & Frank Sonic_- Gomez (Adam Jay Remix)
gAs – Heaven Is On The Way
Zen Bolek – Away 11
Pierre LX – Winter Light (Enola Remix)

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  1. Good job Sean you played some bombs!


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