The CONDUIT // 044 – Rubba J


// Rubba J //

We’ve been wanting to do a funky mix like this for quite some time for the series, someone who really knows the roots, and Belgian producer Rubba J knows his roots. He caught our attention with his recent track for the Joshua Iz-ed Vizual imprint but has been around for a long while. Like many crate diggin’ enthusiasts, they are not professional DJs, and Rubba J is a producer by trade, but still took us up on the offer to make a passionate mix that showcased his love for the funky music that has inspired him over his career as an artist, As such, CONDUIT 044 is a fond and reminiscent look back at the mixtape trading culture of the late Eighties and early and Nineties, a time where anything went, as long it could make the dance floor move.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

In the early eighties Rubba J was allready bitten by the music vibe. To express himself he decided to follow two years of music courses on each Saturday to learn the basics of guitar. Then during the oldschool hiphop era he started experimenting with a little drum machine and his guitar, two tapedecks and a lot of passion in search for the funk groove. Continuing to explore his talents and taste for music, he hooked up with some fellow-friend musicians in the mid nineties and started a reggae-funk band called ‘Fever.’ While he was still discovering his own vibe, he became heavily influenced by Funk and was inspired by artists such as Prince, Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock and others. One day, he discovered some of his girlfriend’s deep house CD’s. Immediately taken by the groove, it didn’t take too long before Rubba J found himself gathering all his experience and finding his identity in House Music. After making a demo, he came in contact with Koenie who is the dj & label-owner of Wallys Groove World, Wha? Roots Records. Thanks to Koenie, Rubba J met Marius, also a dj & producer on Wallys Groove World. Which collaborated into a new deephouse formation called Deepwater. Later on Rubba J also got together again with two old friends from Fever, Bernd & Wouter, and formed Trio Delicado, which stood for pulsating percussion with drums and funky vibes. Then finally in early 2001, Rubba J was really born. Under which he made his first solo debut. Together with Koenie & Marius, under the name “Mayaku”, he still continues to explore new horizons within Deep House music. Rubba J is a collection of creative musical experiences, making his style into what it is today. Sometimes funky, sometimes in a clear technological mood but always the same passion that drives it. Music is an important part of his life and he has released numerous songs under different labels.

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  1. DJ Denouement

     /  February 17, 2012

    Rubba J, is outstanding. His music is sublime and he is to be respected fo sho!! 🙂


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