The CONDUIT // 047 – Christian Cooper


// Christian Cooper //

We return to Cuenca, Ecuador for a diverse mix from Chris Cooper, coming to us courtesy of Nicolas Lopez, who absolutely tore up the series with episode #42. Cuenca sounds like a great scene with local talent and big name artists passing through, Cooper has been a great ambassador for his home and has gotten our attention. Like all great music from South America, this mix is made with passion and love. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Not like an ussual DJ in his country, Christian experiments with all kinds of weird sounds that comes up his mind. Tired of all the typical electronic music that was going on in the world, his productions are Deep and also futuristic; and he goes through the dark side of the music, always going experimental and twisted. His productions are part of labels like Uranobeat and Footprint Muzik (Colombia) and also of the well known London based label Apparel Music. A lot of good things have happended to Christian in 2011, like sharing the DJ Booth with almost all the well recognized talents of his country, and also a couple of international DJ’s. This 2012 will be a promising year for Christian, he’s got a lot of personal projects that must be completed.

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