The CONDUIT // 048 – Greencross


// Greencross //

We’ve been trying to connect with the Sao Paulo based Greencross for quite some time to get a mix but the stars never really aligned but we’ve remained fans of his Different Is Different label in the meantime. This guy plays proper soundsystem techno and his label consistently and quietly puts out some of the best tunes in the genre and also happens to be one of the coolest dues around. We are glad this finally happened!  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Greencross, a venezuelan born, DJ and music producer. Started his career on the music industry when he moved to Spain in the year 2000, promoting what would be Barcelona’s last rave parties. By the year 2003 he worked his way into Barcelona’s finest clubs, including the legendary La Cova, Be Cool, and Florida 135.  In 2006 he started playing internationally, in countries like Germany, The Netherlands, France, and ultimately Brazil.  Nowadays he is residing in São Paulo, running a digital Techno label called Different Is Different Records, constantly touring all over the brazilian territory, and as well as producing for Circulo Produções, which is a A/V production company run by his wife and himself. As a producer, Daniel is very versatile. flexibility is his trademark, composing, arranging
and producing different styles of music, from Trip Hop, to Pop, from House, to Techno. The highlights of his latest productions are two techno remixes for Ken Ishii, which were released digitally on Angel Alanis’ Slap Jaxx Records, as well as house remixes for Steve Parker’s Home Audio, and collaborations with Philadelphia based pop singer Sierra Hurtt.

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