The CONDUIT // 051 – Jack’s Son


// Jack’s Son //

Our sights turn to Guadalajara. MX for our latest installment of The CONDUIT series. Mexico is the midst of a turbulent election season and in the spirit of these uncertain times, a good chunk of Mexico’s underground dance music artists from all over the country have united for a monster compilation and ongoing project called CatalogoMX. The idea is to bring unity through diversity in music to create a parallel reality in such troubling times. Living in a poor and politically corrupt place ourselves, we could relate to the uncertainty the youth of Mexico are facing right now (on a much smaller scale, of course) and were also completely blown away by Jack’s son’s debut album for Blaq earlier this year – To Clear. The mix of bass, sound sculpture, dub, and experimental sounds was what we expect from Blaq but Jack’s son took the sound to a different level that we’re still reeling from, which is apparently what his Abolipop label is all about. So we’re excited to get an exclusive mix from him and also to kick off an ongoing series of CONDUIT podcasts celebrating the diversity of electronic music from Mexico.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

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