The CONDUIT // 066 – Sean-Michael Yoder


// Sean-Michael Yoder //

What was initially supposed to be an annual report mix has turned into a collection of tracks reflecting the not-so-static nature of our winter weather around here. Some days it has been warm and sunny with record high temperatures while other days have brought us record snowfall. With that in mind, we bring the local flavor for the 66th installment of this series.- Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

unknown – Grandma’s Hands (re-edit)
Tim Deluxe – Surya (Club Mix)
unknown – Consciousness
Marco Bailey – Mister Funky (Mark Reeve Remix)
Rone – Flesh (Sasha Remix)
Tom Flynn – With Flowers
Signal Deluxe – Hold You Forever (e machinery Remix)
Android Cartel – My Hypnotist (Jay Tripwire’s West Coast Mix)
Justin Baule – Once Again (Jay Tripwire Remix)
Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up (Wink Quick Tool)
Hamza – Soumba Soumba
Mihalis Safras – Stranger (Wehbba Remix)
Jeff Keenan – Sweet
Soulrack & Mikel – Funk With Me (Sheenan & Clausen with Kaschant Remix)
Daniel Mehes – Snowdrift (Mark Rogan’s Old Skool 808 Acid Flashback)
Mike Starr feat. Mama – Love Away (Douglas Greed Remix)
Tom Middleton – Hawke’s Groove
Deepchild – Riyadh (Deadbeat Remix)
Andres Gil – Railway (Lazy M Remix)
Arco – Movin’
Moodtrap – Athina
unknown – unknown
Big Al – Steps
Shades of Grey – Gonna Fight
Climbers – Hypnotic Visions
Ardalan – The Sea (Chris James Pacific State Resplash)
Colin McNeil – Deep Magenta Stars (Vince Watson Reshape)
Re – Dupre – Mad Monkey (Mattias Fridell Extinct Remix)
Roman Stange & Craig Kuna – You’ll House Me
Tone of Arc – I Know Who You Are
Cyanwave – Dilate (Complicit’s Die Later Mix)
Jaramillo – Unno feat. Lulo
Gathaspar – I Had A Dream That She Was Dying Alone
Jimpster – These Times
Christian Orlo – Another Night (23rd Dimension in Hyperspace Dub)



The CONDUIT // 065 – Cyanwave


// Cyanwave //

In a recent conversation with a friend he mentioned that the West Coast had it’s own special techno sound, very dark and warehouse friendly. In some ways it reminded him of the free-for-all spirit of the legendary Midwest scene that informed his youth. We’ve been fortunate to present mixes from a whole crop of artists from out West flying that flag, the best, in our opinion, and we’ve gotten quite an education. Cyanwave offers a different look at the West Coast vibe on our 65th edition of The CONDUIT. The duo dives deeper and gets weirder, while still tapping to the essential elements of the artform – rhythm and melody. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Claudio PRC – Echoes   [Prologue]
Cyanwave – ANX-ACC (Parallel Universes)   [Innerflight]
Donato Dozzy & Nuel – Lazar   [Wagon Repair]
For You –  ESHU   [Field Recordings]
In The Red – Trus’me *DVS1 Remix  [Prime Numbers]
Recondite – DRGN   [Hotflush Recordings]
Sequenz 31  –  Jens Zimmermann   [Treibstoff]
Dominik Eulberg – Teddy Tausendtod *Stephan Bodzin Marabu Remix   [Traum]
Rrose – 23 Lashes  [EAUX]
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest [Prologue]
Dark –  Mike Parker & Aubrey *Mike Parker Remix [Mowar]
Sergio Vilas – Slam_Bam *John Massey Remix   [Subsensory]
Piltdown Sound – Stiches *Cyanwave Remix [Subsensory]
Kangding Ray – Thar   [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Two Ninety One  – Jerome Sydenham, Function & Chris Liebing *Chris Liebing Edit [CLR]
Sendai – EP20124  [Time to Express]
Cyanwave – Morphic Plate (Subspec]
Rrose – Waterfall  [Sandwell District]
Peter Van Hoesen – Raptures Coming  [Time to Express]
Ctrl Alt Dlt – With Child *Cyanwave Remix  [unreleased]
Mike Parker – FWD *Donato Dozzy Remix   [Prologue]
Sone – Thistle [Audio Autopsy]
Cyanwave – Mirage *Crown Hill Repeater’s Point Of The Arches Remix  [Innerflight]
Clime – Marcel Dettmann  [Marcel Dettmann Records]
Iketa – Bloom  [Visionary Mind Recordings]

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