The CONDUIT // 003 – Funk Shuei & Bioniq

Showcasing the incredible releases on Mexico based tech-house/techno label Dialtone Records, Episode 003 features an exclusive mix by Funk Shuei (Christian Orlo & Alexis O.L) and Bioniq (Luis Siller and Alex Galvan).


// Funk Shuei & Bioniq //

Dialtone is one of those numerous great labels bubbling up in Mexico, dance music’s new hotbed of creativity. Many of the labels are from Mexico City, but Dialtone’s founders Alexis and Christian are from Cancun in the East (and on the beach). I think for that reason the label’s music is quite different –  less dark and more dancable. The label roster is led by the Dialtone bosses under the alias Funk Shuei, for this mix they teamed up with Monterrey’s prolific producer Alex Galvan aka Bioniq for a Dialtone label retrospective to give listeners a full picture of what’s going on down south.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

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// Current Releases //

Derek Marin – Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit) [Dialtone] /
Bioniq – Mothafunky (Funk Shuei Remix) [Dialtone] /
Montiel – Marea (Funk Shuei Remix) [Dialtone] /
Bioniq – Mothafunky EP [Dialtone] /
Bioniq – Feel Together [Blaq] /