The CONDUIT // 018 – Bells & Whistles


// Bells & Whistles //

We happened to catch this young San Francisco duo opening for Nicolas Jaar and Eric Cloutier at an As You Like It Party. It’s always a bit of an ordeal getting to San Francisco where we live, similar to the pilgrimages that kids from Nebraska and Iowa make to Minneapolis to see their favorite artists –  a from middle-of-nowhere to the big city trip that takes the entire weekend (mostly travel time – BTW). So the delight on our faces was instant when we saw Zack and Yanick trading turns on the deck playing happy, soulful house music with huge grins on their faces. The vibe these guys create is a good one and their attitude is by no means jaded or ego-drive. It comes with great delight to share an exclusive mix Bells + Whistles on The CONDUIT.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Bells & Whistles is the musical collaboration between Zack Yakovlev and Yanick Rieffel. Djing separately around San Diego where they both grew up, it was not until they met up in San Francisco that they started working together. Having moved to The City to pursue their own musical endeavorers, living across the hall from each other, the daily mix slowly became a tag team event. As each got their own gigs in the city, a friendly competition arose, each trying to keep up with the other. The friendly tag team became a serious daily event in which they showed off the latest tracks they found, and new ways to mix it all together. It was not until an underground party in the SOMA of San Francisco, where the pair played together for the first time, that they knew that they had something special.

Shortly after joining forces and taking on the moniker “Bells & Whistles”, the two started their first monthly party on the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. With shimmering chandeliers, a breath taking view of the entire city, and a service staff dressed in tuxedos and bow-ties, DRESSCODE offered a new home to a sound often kept underground. Bringing in artists like Bruno Pronsato, Claude Vonstroke, Catz N’ Dogz, Alland Byallo, Justin Martin, Franklin De Costa, Tim Green, Maetrik, Jan Krueger, J. Phlip, Soul Clap, and Mikael Stravostrand to name a few; DRESSCODE quickly became an established and respected party in San Francisco. While Djing will always be at the heart of Bells and Whistles, it is music creation, not performance, that has been taking much of their recent time. Both currently finishing school with an emphasis in audio recording and production, being able to create the sound they share is the main focus for the young duo.

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