The CONDUIT // 009 – Audioelectronic


// Audioelectronic //

Audioelectronic is the nom de plume of Nude Photo Music owner Gustavo Lanzas. Formerly a well-respected San Francisco DJ, producer, and promoter he now lives in Portland running one of the most consistently on-point techno labels on the West Coast. He’s comfortable in just about any style from electro to dub but seems to do best making shaded Detroit techno influenced tracks with complex melodies. His support of VinylJunkie PR has been tremendous and his intuitions and opinions are always spot-on providing a framework for me to be base my own business decisions and strategies on. We asked Audioelectronic to provide a mix of his own material as well as that of his label to provide some much needed exposure for one of our favorite labels and producers.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Sergio Gregori – She’s An Operator (Original Mix) – NPM10008
Sergio Gregori – She’s An Operator (Gold Code Mix) – NPM10008
Audioelectronic – Drive Me To The Brink
Audioelectronic – Pirate Sun
Audioelectronic – Active Reaction
Jobe – Deeply Agnostic (Original Mix) – NPM10011
Faith In Bass – Blau Zwischen Grau (Original Mix) – NPM10014
Audioelectronic – Rainy Nights (Original Mix) – NPM10017
Let’s Go Outside – You Make Me Struggle (Audioelectronic Mix)
Gold Code – The Day After (Original Mix) – NPM10010
Gold Code – The Day After (Audioelectronic Mix) – NPM10010
Audioelectronic – Deco Jacko – NPM09001
Chris Firenze – Pineapple Turnstile (Audioelectronic Mix)
Wesley Dysart – Exotech (Jon Gillham Mix)
Audioelectronic – Two Trains Running (Original Mix) – NPM10008
Darin Marshall – Starbase Lounge Music – NPM10001
Audioelectronic – Acid Love – NPM10001
Maurice – This Is Acid (Audioelectronic Mix)
Darin Marshall – Spear Burn
Darin Marshall – Monument (Audioelectronic Mix) – NPM10013
Jon Gillham – String Theory (Original Mix) – NPM10015

// Bio //

Audioelectronic is the alter ego of Portland-based producer and live performer Gustavo Lanzas. Originating from the San Francisco Bay Area, Gustavo has been writing and performing electronic music since 1990. A veteran producer with a deep knowledge of the dance-floor classics, Gustavo connects the roots of electronic dance music to the sound of today. His production skills have provided production/engineering assistance to artists on Ghostly, Traum, and Sentrall.

As a live performer or DJ, Gustavo has shared the stage with many electronic music luminaries – Disco D(r.i.p.), Twerk, Sutekh, Kit Clayton, Soul Oddity, Legowelt, Alan Oldham, Plaid, Broker / Dealer, TLR, Cosmic Force, John Selway, and many more.

As the head of Nude Photo Music, Gustavo now has a showcase to present his vision of dance music – from his studio, and also from talented collaborators and artists.

Coming from San Francisco’s explosive early 90′s rave scene, Gustavo began performing live electronic music as part of Protolab. Later, venturing into Jungle / Drum & Bass, Protolab is widely credited as the first Bay Area Jungle live PA.

In the late 90′s, after organizing some of the first all-electro underground parties in San Francisco, Gustavo teamed up with Jim Gourgoutis, and launched Cybrid. With releases on Belief Systems and Exact Science, Cybrid established themselves on the vanguard of the electro scene, defining what would become the sound of the San Francisco underground at that time.

In the early 00′s – residencies at long-running techno/electro club Impulse and at :Code at the DNA Lounge quickly followed. Gustavo became a regular DJ at numerous other clubs and parties in San Francisco, including Minimal Mondays, Scatter, Drum Machine Museum, and more.

Gustavo lives in Portland, Oregon, and dedicates his time to his family, music, riding bikes, and his business endeavors.

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// Current Releases //

Kroman Celik – Kuandro (Audioelectronic Remix) – SubSensory
Gold Code – The Day After (Audioelectronic Remix) – Nude Photo Music
Wesley Dysart – Exotech (Audioelectronic Remix) – Steamtown Records