The CONDUIT // 050 – Jaramillo


// Jaramillo //

Our listeners have fallen in love with the artist of the Shake Collective out of Cuenca, Ecuador. We’ve already featured Nicolas Lopez and Christian Cooper aka Repook this year and fans keep asking us for more from these guys. Luckily, Nicolas Lopez introduced us to Daniel Jaramillo aka Jaramillo who gave us this fantastic mix right away and also promises that we’ll have something in the near future from final Shake Collective member Santiago Ordóñez to complete the series. We couldn’t be more pleased. For now, sit back and enjoy the groovy deep house sounds of Jaramillo for our 50th installment of The CONDUIT.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

1. Kassian Troyer – Stills

2. Bunte Bummler – High upon the line

3. Oskar Offermann – U can you to me say

4. Milton Jackson – Dsi

5. Marco Effe & James Mile – Slicked and sliced

6. Freak Seven – We bring the music(Jimpster dub)

7. London Fm – Practical bass

8. Onno – Paragroove(Dyed Soundorom mix)

9. Louis McGuire – Essence detail

10. Beesmunt Soundsystem – & Found

11. Larsson – Just the beat

12. Recondite – Decamp

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The CONDUIT // 047 – Christian Cooper


// Christian Cooper //

We return to Cuenca, Ecuador for a diverse mix from Chris Cooper, coming to us courtesy of Nicolas Lopez, who absolutely tore up the series with episode #42. Cuenca sounds like a great scene with local talent and big name artists passing through, Cooper has been a great ambassador for his home and has gotten our attention. Like all great music from South America, this mix is made with passion and love. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Not like an ussual DJ in his country, Christian experiments with all kinds of weird sounds that comes up his mind. Tired of all the typical electronic music that was going on in the world, his productions are Deep and also futuristic; and he goes through the dark side of the music, always going experimental and twisted. His productions are part of labels like Uranobeat and Footprint Muzik (Colombia) and also of the well known London based label Apparel Music. A lot of good things have happended to Christian in 2011, like sharing the DJ Booth with almost all the well recognized talents of his country, and also a couple of international DJ’s. This 2012 will be a promising year for Christian, he’s got a lot of personal projects that must be completed.

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The CONDUIT // 042 – Nicolas Lopez


// Nicolas Lopez  //

Nicolas Lopez hails from Cuenca, Ecuador and contacted us via Facebook to tell us about his FutureDreams mix series under the artist name Soundless. He calls it a Futuristic Vintage Vibe. The sound is wide ranging and daring, we love the chances he takes in a mix and are proud to have him onboard with a CONDUIT mix..  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Nicolas Lopez (Cuenca, Ecuador 1983) :: Understanding and Experiencing the connection of all things and beings in the Universe Nicolas realized the important role that music and dance have played in the awakening process of the souls of our era, so he decided to become a Dj and share this infinite energy through hypnotic and deep sounds. His solid and cutting edge style has lead him to the booth of the best clubs and festivals in his country where he’s played along international underground figures such as Damian Lazarus, Barem, Shaun Reeves, Jonas Kopp, Camea among others. He’s also a regular guest at the radio show Zona Electronica 102.1 FM (Cuenca, Ecuador).. He’s now experimenting with new and different styles such as brakes, soul and funk with a Futuristic Vintage Vibe under the moniker Soundless, a project that will produce and release a series of magical sets called Future Dreams.

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