The CONDUIT // 005 – Derek Marin

NYC based Producer/DJ and head of A&R @ SubtrakNY, Derek Marin presents a lush, moody mix of modern tech-house for Episode 005 of the Conduit.


// Derek Marin //

New York City producer Derek Marin is one of those guys who’s prolifically productive. The guy churns out quality tracks and remixes by the truckload and amazingly they are all super high quality, never derivative. He’s already got releases out on labels like Thoughtless Music, Dialtone, and Subtrak with more to come on Blaq and Nude Photo Music. Marin says it’s time to get the hell out of New York, currently he’s looking for DJ gigs in North America and Europe.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Derek Marin, American House and Electro music producer/DJ, was born Derek Richard Maringelli in Manhattan, New York in 1974. Marin won Mixer Magazine’s “Best New DJ” award in 2001. From 1994, when Marin was recognized as a top DJ/Producer in New York’s electronic community, Marin’s outstanding creative style in remixing gained him releases on many respected underground electronic labels around the world. Marin’s production talents are apparent on releases by electronic artists such as Depeche Mode, Daft Punk and Junior Boys. [1] In 2001, Marin established his own imprint, Faucet Music, with sub labels Modest Music and Sideviewer Records. He is best known for his productions on the Tech House labels Plastic City, Intrinsic Design, and Matterform, as well as his unofficial remixes of Daft Punk and Depeche Mode & his productions under the alias Sideview

Childhood and Early Years

Marin was born into a musical household. His father, Paul Joseph Maringelli, influenced and nurtured Derek’s natural talent and passion for music from an early age. Maringelli senior is a Jazz and Rockabilly drummer, known for his work with the Bix Beiderbecke Sunnyside Memorial Jazz Orchestra. [2] Derek began playing drums at age nine and by the age of fourteen, he was playing in bands. He names his musical influences as New Order, The Smiths, and Depeche Mode. His first band, What She Said, was named from the Smiths song. Derek attended Art & Design High School, graduating in 1992. Summers he attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts, made famous in the film, Fame. Throughout his high school years, Marin performed with various bands in Battle of the Bands venues and in the east village.

1991 – 2001
The Techno rage that took New York City in 1991 inspired Marin to step out from backgrounds and back-ups and create his own style and his own music. He honed his production skills, recording, mixing and editing in studio. By 1992, Marin was producing tracks and selling mix tapes. Beginning in 1994, Marin worked house/electro events in Soho, and in ’96 was a coordinator of Warp Records release party for Blech 2, a compilation CD, featuring live performances by Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Jimi Tenor. With friend Daniel Andre, Marin established Housewerk in 1997, performing weekly House events in various clubs throughout the city. Also in ’97, he began working at Throb, a record store at the epicenter of the New York City dance/club culture and headquarters for the Electroclash Movement.[3] Throb created their own record label, Throb Disk, and one of their releases was Marin with friend Carter Reece under the name Clock Punchers. Marin worked there until 2003. The store has since closed. [4]

2002- Present
In 2002, Marin as Sideview produced his first semi-unofficial release, Wanna Be, on A Touch of Class record label. [5]The release featured a vocal from fashion designer Jeremy Scott.[6] The release was later removed from shelves under a cease order from Scott’s lawyers. The cover featured a naked Scott in full Native American headdress and this photo was stolen from an I-D magazine photo shot. During the next five years, Marin had over twenty releases produced by various record companies. [See discography]

In 2008, Marin’s second and third semi-unofficial releases were produced: Depeche Mode, Modemix DJ Mix and Daft Punk, Leftovers, Remix Album. Modemix, [7] Marin’s favorite Depeche Mode compilation, was released with the consent of Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, then later pulled by former group member Alan Wilder’s lawyers because of a conflict with Marin’s later release, Recoil Remixes. Although Marin did all the remixes on Daft Punk, Leftovers, he was not involved in the release of the album, which was scheduled for release in December 2008 with the supposed consent of Daft Punk. Amid controversy, the album is available on selected sites. [8]

My Better Half, the Twilight Album, was produced by Marin’s Modest Music in 2008, a Indie/Electro pop band he created to do more song-structured music. The album features guitar work from Tim M. of the band Trace-On. The album is an homage to the Twilight book series. [9]

Marin’s 2009 release, Bright Lights, Dark Room, was heralded as “one of this summer’s most exciting releases,” by MBeat, who described Derek as “ . . . a major contributor to the sounds’ progression and a scholar of its’ roots sine the age of fourteen.” [10].
Derek has recently completed the production of a live CD of the Sunnyside Memorial Jazz Orchestra’s annual Bix Beiderbecke memorial concert, which is available on Amazon.

// Links //
RA:Derek Marin

// Current Releases //

Derek Marin – Dissolved Reflection Remixes 2 [Faucet Music] /
Morgan, Go – Solidity (Derek Marin Remix) [Subtrak]/
Derek Marin – Metroid EP [Subtrak]/