The CONDUIT // 046 – Lee Webster


// Lee Webster //

Lee Webster has been hammering the nudisco sound outta Barcelona for a few years now. He’s a prolific producer and remixer who has a firm grasp on funk, disco, and rap musics’ contribution to today’s dance music sound. We also like his cheeky wit and double entendre approach to his art, people who take them too seriously are always a dreadful bore. Not to worry with Lee as he lays down a mix focused on killer underground midtempo sounds. Hope to have a tracklisting soon. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Lee grew up at around the same time that the Garage scene was growing in popularity among the underground heads. Pirate Radio shows broadcast bouncy deep House music from the US and mixed it with the UK´s own unique take on the genre…

“I used to get on the underground train to cross London in the evening so I could pick up the pirate radio stations across town. It was my first proper exposure to good House music and remains a constant inspiration, it was edgy and sexy at the same time; something I try to achieve in my own productions…”

Lee started to become familiar with artists such as Kerri Chandler, Danny J Lewis, Todd Edwards and Larry Levan and as his interest grew in House music, he began to research the labels and history behind the House movement. He became intentionaly lost in a sea of pulsing beats, swimming his way through Detroit kick drums and Chicago synths.

Re-locating to Barcelona led Lee to become exposed to people and nights that would eventually shape his tastes even further, this time delving into Disco, Balearic and early Progressive. He became fascinated with peoples old records, records that usually followed with a story. It was at this point that the styles began to fuse in his productions, heavily Garage influenced Jackin House on one hand and deep Disco Funk on the other, his style was born: A marriage of Dope & Deep.

“People ask me how I can make House music one day and, Hip-hop the other, and remain true to what I´m doing. For me, they are very closely connected, and I think to make good music you have to know the roots of where it came from to really understand the feelings behind it…”
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The CONDUIT // 030 – Diego Moreno


// Diego Moreno //

For the past year we have had the pleasure of watching Barcelona’s Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes crew grow in to something of an international sensation. We featured Sishi Rösch earlier in The CONDUIT series and now turn to Diego Moreno, hot off his sizzling remix of Lady Blacktronika’s Good Traxx EP, for another blast of what they like to call sleazy funk. Moreno brings all the different elements together of retro dance music we like and combines it with many of the things we like about today’s dance music for something unique and party friendly. We expect even bigger things from Moreno in 2012.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Lee Webster –  Spin out – SV 004 (upcoming release)
Damian Uzabiaga – Bubble Beach – DD 006
Yeyo – Belong to you  DD- 010 (upcoming release)
Jonny Cruz & lati – Bye Bye Girl. –  DD 007
DOTB – Gimme that stuff  – Unreleased
Nobody Knows – Hundred Trys  – DD 008  (upcoming release)
Darabi – Truckin (original mix) – Clouded 003
Diego Moreno – The Pain (Lee Webster remix) – DD 005
Sishi Rosch & Damian Uzabiaga – West Connection. – SV 006 (upcoming release)
Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno & Juan Crerar. – Club Thang (upcoming release on One records).

// Bio //

Diego developed an interest in music at an early age in life, learning to play guitar, drums, and synthesiser, with his brother as his teacher. Blues, Reggae, Punk Rock, Rap & Acid House are his main influences.

At 22, Alberto Santizo introduced Diego to DJing; he picked it up quickly and was soon spinning at underground parties around Guatemala. A year later he moved to Barcelona, where he got involved in organising parties and DJing in numerous clubs around the city.

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// Current Releases //

Lady Blacktronika – Good Traxx (Diego Moreno’s Mood Swing Remix) – 530Techno
Diego Moreno – Watch This – Blaq
Signal Deluxe – Pitch Backpack (Sishi Rosch & Diego Moreno Remix) – SultryVibes

The CONDUIT // 006 – Sishi Rösch

Label boss for Digital Delight via Berlin/Barcelona lays down an exclusive mix of sleazy groove driven house cuts for The Conduit 006.


// Sishi Rösche //

Sishi Rosch is an emerging new artist who’s spent time in Guatemala, the US, and currently resides in Berlin. He’s prolific as a producer, making house, tech-house, as well as mid and down tempo cuts that stand out on the regular. He also runs the Digital Delight label as well as booking a night and hosting a podcast series all of the same name. The guy is seriously committed to his craft and works tirelessly at it, these days bouncing back & forth between home and gigs in Barcelona. We’re excited about the mix he’s put together for us and expect to hear more from him in the future.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Sishi Rosch was born in Guatemala to German and Italian parents.

While living in Miami in 1998, Sishi started to become interested in electronic music, thanks to a burgeoning interest in this field, in the United States.

A year after purchasing his first turntables Sishi was picked up by a prominent Central American  promotions company, after they witnessed his sets at a local after-hours club in down-town Miami.

Moving back to Guatemala later that year, Sishi maintained a full schedule of  local weekly residencies, and toured constantly throughout Central America.

In 2001 Sishi returned to the US; to Phoenix, AZ, following an invitation from a good friend, who had several residencies, and opportunities calling.  Today Sishi resides in Berlin, Germany, has recently launched his own label (Digital Delight Berlin – Barcelona) as well as producing for major labels and hosting top-class parties.

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