The CONDUIT // 059 – James Patrick


// James Patrick //

James Patrick is a well-respected music production teacher and hails from Minneapolis. On his mix for the CONDUIT series he brings into sharp focus the close connections between various artists in the North American scene. Patrick has a recent EP out on Guadalajara label Nonpop so this mix was an excellent opportunity to showcase a US artist involved with the Catalogo MX project out of Mexico and tie all of the connections together.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

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The CONDUIT // 045 – Antonio Arebalo


// Antonio Arebalo //

Antonio is the first fan to contact us asking to present a mix. Keeping true to the original idea of the CONDUIT, we decided to take a chance on the longtime, but unknown, Antonio Arebol as a way to champion music we like from California. The Southern California based DJ, in turn, delivers passionate live mix that is a worthy 45th edition of the series.   – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Bio //

Antonio discovered his love for music as a youth in the streets of New Jersey and New York. The emergence of his love for music began with the sound of Kiss, Cheap trick, Rush, Boogie Down Productions and Wu-Tang Clan. As an adolescent Antonio decided to move to Phoenix Arizona in 1989 where resided there until 1999. Open-minded and eager for new challenges Antonio headed west to Los Angeles in March of 1999. New to the scene, Antonio accepted an invitation from a new friend to “Magic Wednesday” where he met his girlfriend, soon enough together they went to various clubs in addition too massive raves. Many local and national DJ’s ranging from Thee-O, DJ Dan and Donald Glaude quickly became heroes to him as he admired their candid ability to transform music by mixing. Without hesitation, Antonio quickly embarked on his journey to spin music. Dedicated to learning the skill, Antonio studied favorite mix cd’s and researched top of the line equipment. In no time Antonio purchased his MK3 Technics turntables, a Pioneer DJM500, and a JBL EON monitor in January 2001. Within one year through hard work and dedication his skills have drastically improved. Antonio’s sound is very unique as he does not discriminate against any particular genre of electronic dance music, spinning anything from house, progressive/trance, techno/electro, breaks and so forth. Antonio Arebalo has performed at various clubs in the Los Angeles area. His music shows professionalism variety and most of all passion.

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The CONDUIT // 026 – Mick Chillage


// Mick Chillage //

Mick hails from Dublin, Ireland and was keen to get involved with our series when I asked him for something different, that reached far beyond the scads of one genre podcast series out there. We didn’t just want to be the Californian tech-house series and I knew the well-respected ambient/chillout producer and DJ would answer the call. He doesn’t disappoint here with an eclectic mix of sounds that he says was inspired by various cover versions of songs.

Mick fills us in:

“Generally the thought of a cover version makes me cringe, when I hear the words ‘cover version” I usually get a mental image of street buskers or local club acts belting out note for note Oasis or Radiohead with the singer doing their best to emulate the original artist which is usually more comically amusing rather than inspirational. From time to time a cover will pop up that that will make you think, Wow!! I never really liked the original but now I see its brilliance or sometimes even changing the worlds perspective on a genre or creative process, for example, Wendy Carlos proved to the music world in the late sixties that the Moog synthesizer was a valid musical instrument rather than something that was meant to emulate acoustic instruments with her Moog renditions of J.S. Bach.

So this is a selection of rather chilled covers and the occasional homage, as in the case of Global Communication’s “Maiden Voyage” with its incredible likeness to Tangerine Dreams “Love on A Real Train” some of these covers simply bring a smile to my face, while others have given me a completely new meaning and emotion to familiar works.

Hope you enjoy this slightly different selection of covers.”

– Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

01 : Alarm Will Sound “Cliffs” original by Aphex Twin
02 : Nouvelle Vague “A Forest” original by The Cure
03 : Mark Isham “In A Silent Way – Milestones ” inspired by the Miles Davis’s original
04 : Senor Coconut “Riders On The Storm” original by The Doors
05 : Global Communication “Maiden Voyage” A cover or Inspired by Tangerine Dream’s “Love on a Real train” ?
06 : Another Fine Day “Scarborough Fair” original by Simon and Garfunkel ?
07 : Maxence Cyrin “L.F.O.” original by L.F.O.
08 : Tomita “Venus, “The Bringer Of Peace” original by Gustav Holst
09 : John Carpenter “Engulfed Cathedral” original by Claude Debussy
10 : Octogon Man “Assault” Inspired by John Carpenter’s “Assault On Precinct 13”
11 : William Orbit “Harry Flowers” original by Jack Nitzsche, Randy Newman
12 : Wendy Carlos “Air on a G string” original By J.S. Bach
13 : The William Fairy Brass band “Pacific 202” original by 808 State
14 : Susana and the Magical Orchestra “Its a Long Way To The Top” original by AC/DC

// Bio //

Born Derby England, 1968. Family returns home to Dublin in 1974. Parents are both heavily into traditional irish music. Mick makes no connection what so ever with this awful racket & from an early age is exposed to John Barry’s soundtracks while Pink Floyd, the Radiophonic Workshop’s Dr Who soundtrack & Vangelis’s “Chung Kuo” are on the run, to name but a few… The early eighties was a bleak period for Mick as he was forced to listen to his older brothers taste in music due to the lack of income & not owning his own music system. Dodgy metal bands like Saxon, Judas Priest, Motley Crue : ) etc were played at ear bleeding levels in the shared bedroom.. Mick’s brother once found a hidden cassette of The Pet Shop Boys “Please” and warned him that if he ever found that synthesized homosexual shit in his cassette deck, he would be murdered! The late eighties improved somewhat for him as he left school, became employed and was now able to purchase cassette albums & vinyl releases every week. His favorite artists at this time were Kraftwerk, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Cabaret Voltaire, The The, Public Enemy and of course early detroit techno & acid house which were just arriving into europe at this time. Then came along Stakker’s “Humanoid” & his music buying habits changed forever… Then the 90s arrived, dance music erupted & Mick discovered an underground club in Dublin called Sides,where you could hear tracks from 808 state, LFO, Orbital etc and he bumped into old school pal Paul Byrne in the club & discovered that they now shared the same interest in music. The friendship was reborn & they both start to work in DV8 shoes, a very trendy shoe store in Dublin’s temple bar, where they are given control of the music policy : ) By 1993 the electronic music boom hits, Intelligent techno or IDM, Ambient, etc labels like Warp, Rising High, GPR, Fax, R&S etc are emptying Mick’s wallet every week, buying 2 or 3 cds every week.. He starts creating Chillout mix tapes using a Kam dj mixer & two portable CD players with no pitch control, painstakingly working out the mixes. When the mixes are complete he writes ‘mixed by The Chillage Idiot’ on the tape and friends listen to these mixes in far away places like Australia, Ibiza, etc. In 1995 Mick & Paul attempt to create some music in a friends local studio. The guy who owns the studio knows someone who djs on Dublin’s XFM and they end up getting a test slot on the station. XFM are worried that they are just more fuckin’ dance djs but eventually like the selections & the ‘Chillage Idiots’ are born. After much wasted time and money in the friend’s local studio, Mick decides to buy his own equipment, which he did in 1996. By 2000 Mick had most of the gear he needed to create the kind of music he wanted, so in the same year he released a compilation called ‘Various Projects’ under the name Mick Chillage. The CD was a very limited CDR which was poorly mastered from minidisc and was only available in a local infamous local independent music store called Big Brother records. The cd covered a wide range of styles in the electronic music genreand Mick managed to sell all the copies, which wasn’t too bad considering the shop sold mostly vinyl. Other releases included a compilation featuring Irish alternative music called Saccherine and featured the track ‘A good night’s bleep’ under the alias Michael Moog. Then Mick Chillage was featured on the Neuromantek CD compilation which was given free to promote a popular electro club night and also featured artists like Decal and Skkatter. Later on, he also submitted two tracks for the D.E.A.F. mp3 downloadable compilations, which are still available to download. In 2005 Mick started performing some live sets, the most memorable being at Electricity, Dublin’s premier techno & electro club night which has hosted the finest techno producers & djs like Speedy J, Laurent Garnier, Ritchie Hawtin etc. 2007 saw the release of his first EP “Soundescapes” on Herb recordings, a digital release which has been available from june through september & featured various strains of electronica recorded between 1999 to 2006.

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// Current Releases //

Mick Chillage – FAXology PS08/122 – FAX
ADSR – Force of One (Mick Chillage Remix) – Nice & Nasty

Anodyne – Chemical Sunset (Mick Chillage Chemically Imbalanced Mix) – Psychonavigation