The CONDUIT // 002 – Jubilee

Episode 002, featuring an exclusive mix by Washington D.C. based dj/producer Mohamed Malouki (Jubilee)


// Jubilee //

I met Jubilee via a release he did earlier this year for Hidden Recordings called “Dopamine” which has a wicked remix by Noah Pred. Jubilee is launching his own label very soon called Motorcade Music. He hails from Washington DC and is associated with the Mnmlife crew and has regular residencies in DC as well as New York City. He made this mix for another publication but it never aired so it’s been sitting on my wife’s iPod for months. She mentioned to me one day how good it was and that had a nice East Coast flavor that we don’t get out here in Cali. The lightbulb went on and – voila! – the second installment of The Conduit. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Robag Wruhme – Lampetee ( Nick Curly remix )
Lauhaus – Bring it ( Original )
Gorge – Ayomide ( Kenquo remix )
Veitengruber – Bon Melange ( Original )
Hector – Suavecito ( Nick Curly remix)
Burnski – Me and You ( Original )
A D M – Granada ( Butch remix )
Martin Buttrich – Stop Motion ( Original )
Jubilee – Dopamine ( original )
Marin Buttrich – You’ve got that vibe

// Bio //

Born in Casa Blanca, Morocco, Jubilee grew up listening to his father play instruments and old records. Ten years ago, Jubilee came to the U.S.A., bringing his culturally infused sense of rhythm, beats, and sounds to the streets of DC as a club promoter for Panorama. His interest in becoming a Dj started when he would watch the Djs play for 6 hours a crack, just watching every movement, learning. In 2001, Dj Alex Kelly was playing at DC’s former club, Spot.( one of Panorama’s weekly events ) Jubilee was watching him play until the Dj handed the headphones over . Stunned and feeling like a day-dream, Jubilee put on the headphones and started mixing. Daylight couldn’t come faster. As soon as he could, Jubilee went out and bought about ten records and asked Alex if i could open for him till he got to the club. Shortly after , he bought his first turntable set . Everyday, Jubilee would just play the records over and over and over again. Listening. Feeling the sound and making it work. Jubilee has been creating impressionable sounds over the past 2 years, gearing toward becoming one of the music up and coming artists. Between his live performances and unique DJ sets, Jubilee has created quite a following in DC, earning credibility with some of the industry’s top venues. Support has been a phenomenal instrument is generating Jubilee’s success. With pal Gabriel Rojas, and residency with Mnmlife Jubilee has put together events at venues Napoleon and Red Lounge premiering local and global talents and played with artist such as Josh Wink , Adultnapper , MR.C , Matthias Tanzmann… The more you follow, you’ll see it’s more than just music.

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// Current Releases //

Jubilee – Dopamine EP [Hidden Recordings] /