The CONDUIT // 004 – Chris Fortier

Chris Fortier, label head of legendary Fade Records, dj and producer from NYC drops a 3-hour long exclusive mix Live from The Loft, Barcelona.


// Chris Fortier //

Chris Fortier has done so much for so many artists here in North America – from bringing Sasha & Digweed to New York City’s elite club Twilo during the late Nineties to introducing the next generation of American artists including Coalition of the Killing, Android Cartel, and Signal Deluxe via his Fade imprint. He was the one who strongly suggested that I start VinylJunkie PR and he continues to be a strong ally, a wealth of information, and a good friend. The mix he gave us comes from the last half of a five hour set at his favorite club in the world, The Loft in Barcelona. We feel honored to present such a special nugget from the Fortier collection.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Chris Fortier @ The Loft – Barcelona, Spain – October 2, 2010

Carlo Lio – Little Things
Jim Rivers – Junk
Llydo – Quinchos (Abe Duque Remix)
Samuel L Session – Sections (Stacey Pullen Remix)
Sinc & Horatio – Ramayana (Carlo Lio Remix)
Slam – Souvenir
Android Cartel – One For Santiago (Tooled Mix)
Nicole Moudaber – Stomp That
D.Diggler – Ultramarine (Dustin Zahn Sheep Remix)
DJ Emerson – 12 Monkeys (Beat Tool)
Dance Disorder – Zussamenn (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
Matthias Vogt – I Dreamed (Simon Garcia Remix)
Nima Khak – Grind It Out
Adam Beyer & Alexi Delano – Grass Carpet
Trentemoller – Moan (P/ Re-Edit)
Funk Dvoid – Shadowdancer
Deepbass & Ramon Toletski – Ouija (Pfirter Remix)
Egbert – Yourself
m0h – Last Day
Ticon – Jinxed (Christian Smith Remix)
Slam – Cacophony
Sergio & Benoit – Midnight People (Technasia Dub 1)
Digweed/Muir – Satellite (Christian Smith Remix)
Unkle – Follow Me Now (Fergie Remix)
Pig & Dan – The Ride
m0h – Alice
Nima Khak – Peppecorn
Jondi & Spesh – We Are Connected (Chris Fortier_40oz Remix)
Marko Nastic – All In Positions
Funk D’void – Italoca
Sinc & Horatio – Ramayana (Original Mix)
Walt J – Reborn (Dj Qu Rebirth Remix)
Nicole Moudaber – The Reason Why
Guy Gerber – Timing (Android Cartel Remix)
Gary Beck – Samisima
Chrisitan Smith – Opus One
Sterling Void – Alright (Paolo Re-Edit)

// Bio //

While many people may claim to know Chris’ sound, with their focus on labeling him one thing or another, Chris is equally as focused on his efforts to push back the musical boundaries. It is testament to the man that he continues to develop his sound and musical direction, after all, as the man says himself  “I just like to play good underground music, I don’t limit myself.  I am growing musically everyday, and the music I create and play reflects that”

It is artists such as Chris Fortier who are inextricably linked to the underground dance music scene that are the genuinely pushing the sound forward.  Chris’ determination to continue to push the envelope can be seen in all aspects of his career. Proof of this can be found on his now classic triple CD compilation Balance and his recent solo productions including his stellar debut artist album As Long As The Moment Exits.

The Balance 007 CD was a integral part of the now worldwide successful Balance series and brand. The album was a musical forecast of the fresh and exciting underground movement as we know it today. It is little wonder the CD was name checked for compilation of the year by numerous international magazines and websites. Taking his production a step further in 2007, his debut artist album was released to countless plaudits and impeccable praise. Followed by the remix version of the album saw Chris work along side the likes of Joel Mull, Ed Davenport, Mark Broom, Someone Else, Bruno Pronsato, Pheek and Maetrik.

Under his 40oz production guise Chris has released the several EPs and remixes that musically spreads comfortably across labels such as Bedrock, Wave Music, Cocoon, Kompakt or Get Physical. Recent remixes of Jim Rivers, Pfirter, Alexi Delano, Adultnapper, Derek Marin, Alland Byallo and John Selway, show Chris’ genre defying sound at it’s underground best. Not satisfied with status quo, Chris looks for the boundaries to continue to be pressed and pushed with each coming musical excursion

Chris has been a consistent figure on the world tour circuit with a professional DJ career spanning 19 plus years. He has continually been a crowd favorite, confirmed by his very first residency at the legendary “Aahz” in Orlando through to residencies at The Cross in London and at Twilo in his adopted home of New York. Behind numerous singles, remixes, artist albums and no less than 9 commercially released mix albums, you can catch him as easily in Tokyo as in Buenos Aires and all points in between on any given weekend.

To those that know Fortier’s history, they know to expect plenty more to come, for those that are just getting initiated, Welcome!

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// Current Releases //

The Harkers, Lui D, FM – Do We Have A Purpose? (Chris Fortier 40oz Remix) [Blaq Records] /
Chris Fortier, Audioglobin – Facilidad Profunda [Darek] /
Chris Fortier – Take The Light [Musical Missionary] /


The CONDUIT // 001 – Android Cartel

For episode 001 , we’re getting things started off right with an incredible mix by two producers and djs from Los Angeles, Reagan Denius and Christopher Mohn (aka Android Cartel).


// Android Cartel //

I first caught wind of Android Cartel via Chris Fortier after their debut single dropped on his Fade imprint circa 2007. He was keen on them and I loved the release. I stalked them relentlessly for about a year and finally caught up with them for an interview in Big Shot Magazine. Reagan and Chris are great guys and we’ve remained friends ever since. During that time, I have been consistently blown away by the volume of their work (they’ve done releases for Steve Lawler, Louis Osbourne, and Quivver’s labels already not to mention the ones for their own newly launched label, Sketchbook) but also the quality. They’ve finally answered the age-old question, is there still life in progressive house post-Sasha & Digweed? It is a resounding “YES!” and this exclusive mix goes a long way to proving it with rich melodies, subtle shifts in energy, and a dark, techy edge lurking just beneath the surface. Late nights were made for this. – Sean-Michael Yoder

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// Current Releases //

Yan Ilhert & Anthony Ross – Just Passing Through (Android Cartel Remix) [Nueva Digital] /
Android Cartel – Moments Lost EP [Tokio Recordings] /
Android Cartel – One For Santiago [Sketchbook]