The CONDUIT // 065 – Cyanwave


// Cyanwave //

In a recent conversation with a friend he mentioned that the West Coast had it’s own special techno sound, very dark and warehouse friendly. In some ways it reminded him of the free-for-all spirit of the legendary Midwest scene that informed his youth. We’ve been fortunate to present mixes from a whole crop of artists from out West flying that flag, the best, in our opinion, and we’ve gotten quite an education. Cyanwave offers a different look at the West Coast vibe on our 65th edition of The CONDUIT. The duo dives deeper and gets weirder, while still tapping to the essential elements of the artform – rhythm and melody. – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Claudio PRC – Echoes   [Prologue]
Cyanwave – ANX-ACC (Parallel Universes)   [Innerflight]
Donato Dozzy & Nuel – Lazar   [Wagon Repair]
For You –  ESHU   [Field Recordings]
In The Red – Trus’me *DVS1 Remix  [Prime Numbers]
Recondite – DRGN   [Hotflush Recordings]
Sequenz 31  –  Jens Zimmermann   [Treibstoff]
Dominik Eulberg – Teddy Tausendtod *Stephan Bodzin Marabu Remix   [Traum]
Rrose – 23 Lashes  [EAUX]
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest [Prologue]
Dark –  Mike Parker & Aubrey *Mike Parker Remix [Mowar]
Sergio Vilas – Slam_Bam *John Massey Remix   [Subsensory]
Piltdown Sound – Stiches *Cyanwave Remix [Subsensory]
Kangding Ray – Thar   [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Two Ninety One  – Jerome Sydenham, Function & Chris Liebing *Chris Liebing Edit [CLR]
Sendai – EP20124  [Time to Express]
Cyanwave – Morphic Plate (Subspec]
Rrose – Waterfall  [Sandwell District]
Peter Van Hoesen – Raptures Coming  [Time to Express]
Ctrl Alt Dlt – With Child *Cyanwave Remix  [unreleased]
Mike Parker – FWD *Donato Dozzy Remix   [Prologue]
Sone – Thistle [Audio Autopsy]
Cyanwave – Mirage *Crown Hill Repeater’s Point Of The Arches Remix  [Innerflight]
Clime – Marcel Dettmann  [Marcel Dettmann Records]
Iketa – Bloom  [Visionary Mind Recordings]

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The CONDUIT // 058 – Sone


// Sone //

Seattle artist Sone gives us a heartfelt locals only mix, the collects the best tracks from the artists closest to him for a little more intimate affair than we normally get. This is West Coast techno at its finest from our friends at From 0-1.  – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

01 S_W_Z_K – Meatpacking Memories [Tresor]
02 Truncate – Transients (V1) [Truncate]
03 Mutate – Circle 1 (Bas Mooy Remix) [Blank Code]
04 Peter Van Hoesen – Last One at 1080 [Ann Aimee]
05 Lost In The Machine – DJPG [unreleased]
06 Octave – Rumble [Reloading Records]
07 Sone – Black Island [unreleased]
08 John Massey – Brutal Shores (Kyle Geiger Remix) [From 0-1]
09 Hans Bouffmyhre – Hypnosis [Electric Deluxe]
10 Spark Taberner – Modern Family [Hidden Recordings]
11 Dreek Sol – Thrill a Minute (Sone Remix) [Audio Autopsy]
12 Mark Reeve – Planet Green [Cocoon]
13 Cyanwave & The Automatic Message – The Walls [Bleepsequence]
14 John Massey – Patchwork (Sone Remix) [Subspec]
15 Tiari – Novus (Mike Wall Remix) [Hex]
16 Milkplant – Disco [From 0-1]

// Bio //

Sone is Seattle based DJ & Producer Brian Sonnleitner. His first exploits into music was drumming in various punk and ska bands growing up in Wisconsin. Then late one August evening, after witnessing Chris Liberator melt his mind, Brian shifted gears into pursuing his passion for techno full time. Now a DJ of over a decade, his sets push towards intense builds and disorientating breakdowns all while being stuffed full of tension, but always maintaining the all-important element of the dance floor.

In 2008 Brian moved into the realm of production with his tracks exploring the bigger and darker side of techno. Sone’s remix contest for his track “Recovery Mode”, released off From 0-1, received far reaching interest and support with submissions coming in from all over North America, the UK, and Hungary. Brian is also the co-owner of From 0-1 and the Logistics Manager for the label. One of Seattle’s brightest up-and-comers, the years ahead will surely see his impact on the Northwest and beyond.

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The CONDUIT // 053 – John Massey


// John Massey //

Seattle producer John Massey just blew our mind with his recent Brutal Shores EP for the ultrahip techno imprint From 0-1. We love repping West Coast techno, it’s the sound of home and a chance to share something we love with the rest of the world. Here John explores his own records, those of friends, and also of other Seattle artists for a mix that feels very family oriented. Massey’s techno work is unparalleled but we also find ourselves engaged by his futuristic hip-hop collaborations with the immensely talented glitch hop producer DJ Zero One as well. Is there anything this guy can’t do? – Sean-Michael Yoder

// Tracklisting //

Lambertia Formosa – Konketsu & The Automatic Message – Bleepsequence

PantyControl Cyanwave Rmx – Milkplant – From 0-1

Life Form – Zero Tone – From 0-1

House Party – Milkplant – From 0-1

PatchWork – John Massey – Subspec Recordings

1970 – Alberto Pascual – Plus 8

Warlocks/Harvey Mckay Rmx – Tom Hades – Sleaze Recordings

Cynical Memories – John Massey – From 0-1

Moyonga/The Automatic Message Rmx – Dj Sodeyama – From 0-1

Brutal Shores/Mike Gervais Rmx – John Massey – From 0-1

PatchWork/Sone Rmx – John Massey – Subspec Recordings

Quinault Assault – John Massey – From 0-1

Aqua Carre – Klein & Meister – Aqua Care

Brothers Keeper – John Massey – From 0-1

Bunker/John Massey Drumtool – Sone – From 0-1

T4 – MarkAntonio & Roberto Cupano – Melting Process

Hypnosis – Ben Sims – Drumcode

Work It – Ignition Technician – Notorious North

The Meltdown/John Massey Drumtool – Jay Zoey – Subspec Recordings

Party, Party/Harvey Mckay Rmx – Oliver Klein & Kolombo – Party, Party

Tropico De Cancer – Lineas De Nazca – Eintakt

// Bio //

Brooklyn native John Massey has been attempting to damage eardrums for almost 14 years. A child of the 80s, John transplanted to Los Angeles as a teen. There he discovered an emerging underground dance scene and was infected with an interest in electronic music. John soon founded Sound Rehab Productions, connected with influential local promoters and artists such as Omar Ojeda (Darius Aleksander), Robin Porter, Drumcell, Ron-D-Core, Raiz (Acid Circus) and began coordinating techno events and working the dj circuit throughout the southern California area. Today John resides in Seattle.

In the years since John has stayed close to the underground, while making appearances at events such as Seattle’s Decibel Festival, SubSensory’s monthly STATIC in Portland, and frequent club and afterhour gigs around the Pacific Northwest. John is the kind of unassuming artists that earns respect rather than demands it; keeping his head down and focusing on his craft, trusting his instincts to keep the dancefloor moving. His current set consists of a live/dj hybrid that enables John to creatively blend a wide variety of techno, minimal and experimental sounds.

As a producer John tackles a variety of sounds ranging from his previous hip hop efforts under Dysposable Heroes, to his techno projects under his own name and previously as Indispenable Villains. He’s affiliated with Seattle’s From 0-1, a conceptual label which he represents in his various endeavors. He’s released on various labels such as HardSignal, Bleepsequence, From 0-1, Subsensory, Droid and his own Sound Rehab Recordings.  No matter the genre he has always enjoyed working with various artists giving him the opportunity to make new friends and take in new influences.

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